How To Cancel Windows Live

How to Delete a Windows Live Account

Windows Live is a free account provided by Microsoft. When you sign up for a Windows Live account you gain access to free email, SkyDrive and Messenger. You can also use your Windows Live account to sign up for Xbox Live. If you delete your Windows Live account, you may interfere with your access to other Windows Live properties.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Windows Live does not reveal the steps to delete your Windows Live account, but they do tell users they must log in to the Windows Live account at

to begin the deletion process.

  • Log in to your Windows Live account.
  • Move your mouse to the Additional Options near the bottom of the account page. Click the link.
  • Look for the Close Account button and click on that link.
  • Enter your password if prompted.
  • Click the YES button.

If you currently have any paid Windows Live accounts, you must cancel that subscription before you delete your Windows Live account. If not, you could continue paying for a service that you are not currently using.

You have the ability to reinstate your account within four months of deactivating the account. You will not be able to save the emails you’ve lost, but you will be able to save the email address. If you wish to restart your paid service, you can sign up again after reinstating your account.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The Microsoft privacy policy is applicable for all Microsoft products and services, including the Windows Live service. Windows Live collects information provided by the customer, such as name, username and age, as well as information collected using cookies and logs.

Microsoft publishes a full privacy policy at

. This privacy policy includes information about protecting privacy using cloud computing and advancing technology.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee for Windows Live as the program is free to join and/or download. If you’ve chosen a paid Windows Live service, you will be required to continue payments even if you delete your Windows Live account.

Can I Get Help From Windows Live?

There is help available online from Windows Live for all sorts of problems, including cancelling your Windows Live account. You can visit the Windows Live support page at

for more information on all Windows Live and Microsoft products. You can also access service packs and updates from the support page as well.