How To Cancel Whatsapp

How to Delete A WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is a communication application for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia. The application allows users to communicate without cost for one year. After the first year, there is a cost of $0.99 per year to keep the service. The messenger claims to be superior to the SMS messaging available from nearly every cell phone company. Tablet computers are not supported and cannot be used to run the WhatsApp application.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

If you’ve signed up for the WhatsApp Messenger and downloaded the application, you cannot delete the account without contacting the customer service department. We looked through the entire website and we checked the forums on several outside websites. It appears that you can delete the WhatsApp application from your phone, but if you want your number removed from the service completely you’ll need to contact customer service at

[email protected]

. Supposedly, customers that use this contact email need to include the country code and phone number they wish to have removed from the application. You may have to share your name as well.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The privacy policy or privacy notice as it is called on WhatsApp is located at

. WhatsApp uses cookies and log files to collect information about your account and how you use the site. This information includes your user name, password and the IP address of your personal computer. This is the same information most other websites collect. WhatsApp warns that any information you freely share using the service becomes public and is shared with others.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee listed for the WhatsApp Messenger or application. When you pay for the application the fee is charged per year so there is no refund applicable (the fee is less than $1 per year.) However, there is no mention of whether or not the fee is automatically charged to a credit card.

Can I Get Help From WhatsApp?

The FAQs section lists answers to some commonly asked questions about the service at

. However, this is not necessarily going to help the user delete a WhatsApp account. You can contact customer service using the email address

[email protected]