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How to Delete A Reddit Account

Reddit is a social bookmarking / social media website that is much more lenient than other social pages. The site allows adult-type language and communication, which could make this site inappropriate for children and teens. The idea is to share a link with the community and gain popularity from sharing the link. Some links lead out to other websites and some just lead back to Reddit as communications on a forum or subject.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Maybe you’ve grown tired of your Reddit account or you have more than one account and you are trying to streamline your life. Whatever the reason, you can quickly and easily delete your Reddit account.

  • Go to

  • Fill in your user name and password.
  • Review the information provided about deleting your account.
  • Click the Delete button to finalize your request.

There are lots of forum comments on Reddit about how an account cannot be deleted. If you have trouble deleting your account, make sure to contact Reddit for additional help at


Privacy Policy Fine Print

If you use the Reddit website, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, which is written by the Conde Naste company. The complete policy is located at


According to Reddit, information provided by users at signup, including name and email address are used for communication purposes. The user name and password for the account are also stored so repeated registration is not required and so Reddit can store the links shared.

Like other Internet websites, cookies are used to track certain information like log in details. These cookies are stored on your computer. You can choose to not allow cookies on your computer, but you will not be able to use some parts of the Reddit website if you make that choice.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There is no fee to cancel your FREE Reddit account. There is also no fee to cancel your paid account, but you will not receive a refund of the purchase price paid for Gold membership. It is best to use up the Gold membership before you delete your Reddit account if that is an issue.

Can I Get Help From Reddit?

Reddit offers help with help topics published at

. You can also contact the company using the Feedback page at

. There is no phone number listed for Reddit.

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