How To Cancel Psn

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How to Delete A PSN Account

PSN Stands for Playstation Network or Playstation. When you access the Playstation Network online or through your console, you’ll need to register for an account. That account will work online and via your Playstation console. Currently, the Playstation 3 is the latest console being used to access the Internet and online game play, so we’ll tell you how to delete accounts on the Playstation 3 as opposed to other, older consoles.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

According to the Knowledge Center on the US-based Playstation Network website, you cannot delete a Playstation account once you have created the account. Playstation requests you call the Sony Corporation if you’d like to terminate your account. The phone number for Sony is 1-877-971-7669. If you simply wish to change the user name, you can create a new PSN account, but purchased content cannot be transferred to the new account.

If you’ve created a subaccount or second account on your Playstation 3 you will be able to delete that PSN account.

  • From the main account page move the cursor to the account name you wish to delete.
  • Press the triangle button.
  • Scroll down to the word Delete.
  • Press X on the word Delete.
  • You’ve now deleted a subaccount from your Playstation 3.

Some users complain that the online persona is only deleted from the PSN console and not the PSN website. This is because the subaccount cannot be deleted, only the user name on the PS3 console.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The PSN privacy policy is actually the privacy policy for the Sony Corporation. Sony owns the Playstation Network and thus you’re going through Sony when you connect to the Internet for online game play, television, movies and other applications available on the PS3 console. The privacy policy listed at

only applies to the US Playstation website and the website for the NaughtyDog company. Any other applications you use on the Playstation Network online will have a different privacy policy.

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

There does not appear to be a cancellation fee, but you have to contact Sony to terminate your account, so Sony could require a fee.

Can I Get Help From PSN?

PSN offers a detailed support system online at

. The support system allows users to search for questions like – how to delete a PSN account. If you can’t find the support you need you can contact the PSN support department for personalized help.

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