How To Cancel Picasa

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How to Delete A Picasa Account

Picasa is an online photo-sharing website operated by Google. You can use your Google sign in to access your Picasa account. While you may not know you have a Picasa account, any photos you upload to Blogger blogs are automatically stored on your Picasa account. You cannot delete your Picasa account, but you can delete the albums from Picasa or change who can see the photos.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

According to Google, unless you wish to cancel your entire Google account, you cannot delete your Picasa account. You can, however, remove albums so no one can see the pictures posted on your Picasa page. You will have a Picasa album page even if you never visited the website. Many photos shared on Google platforms are stored on Picasa.

  • Visit

    and log in with your user name and password for your other Google accounts.
  • Choose the album you no longer want to be visible to others.
  • Look for the Actions tab – it should be located just above your album.
  • Choose the Delete Album option.
  • Choose OK if you are sure you want to delete the album.

You can repeat these steps for each album you wish to delete.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The fine print of the Picasa privacy policy is the same fine print published for all Google programs. Google collects information like name and email address for communication purposes. They also collect information about how you use different Google products and services to give them a virtual idea of how people work online and how they can improve different services. The complete Google privacy policy is available at


Is There a Cancellation Fee?

Picasa is a free service offered by Google. There is no fee associated with using the service or deleting albums from the service. You cannot delete your Picasa account without cancelling your Google account, but there is no fee for cancelling your Google account either. However, if you wish to cancel your Google account, make sure to contact Google about any premium services you have signed up for before canceling your account.

Can I Get Help From Picasa?

Google support offers help and support for Picasa at

. Simply search for the question you need answered or browse the available topics. You can also use the Google support page to find help with other Google products and services.

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