How To Cancel Photobucket

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How To Delete A Photobucket Account

Photobucket is an image and video website that allows users to upload, store and share various forms of media. Many users choose Photobucket as an image hosting site so they can use the photos uploaded on other sites. There is no cost for a basic Photobucket account. There is a PRO account that requires a fee be paid to the Photobucket website. This fee is non-refundable if you choose the monthly payment option. If you pay for one or two years, you can request a refund within the first 30 days by emailing

[email protected]


Deleting My Account: Step By Step

If you signed up for a Photobucket account and you no longer wish to use the account, you can choose to delete it. You will lose all photos and videos when you delete the account, so make sure you have a backup copy of your photos before you delete your Photobucket account.

  • Visit

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on Account Settings and then Account Status.
  • Locate the Delete My Account link and click.
  • Give Photobucket a reason why you wish to delete your account.
  • Fill in the security code if applicable.
  • Click Delete one more time.

Your Photobucket account will be removed from the website within 48 hours. You will not longer have access to any of the photos and any photo links used throughout the Internet will come back as dead links with no photos.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

Photobucket collects Personal Identifiable Information or PII. This information is give by the user at the time they sign up for an account or it may be collected as the user signs up for or attempts to access other portions of the website.

Aside from basic personal information, Photobucket also collects information about how you use the site and uses that information to deliver relevant ads to the customer. You can read the complete Photobucket privacy policy at


Is There A Cancellation Fee?

A cancellation fee is not charged when you cancel your Photobucket account.

Can I Get Help From Photobucket?

If you need a question answered, feel free to look through the support page on the Photobucket website at

. You can submit a new request if you need a question answered that is not listed in the support FAQs.

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