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How To Delete A Path Account

Path is an application available for Android and iPhone that allows users to share photos and journal experiences in life. These are shared with friends that also have the Path application. Path is a relatively new app and company – starting out in late 2010. According to the about page of the website, the application has more than two million users and it continues to grow. There is information on deactivating but there is no information on how to delete your Path account.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

If you wish to deactivate your Path account, simply log in to your account and visit the Settings page. You will notice a Deactivate Account link on that page. Click this link and follow the instructions. If you wish to reactivate your account go through the same process and click the Reactivate Account link.

If you plan on no longer using the application, you’ll also need to remove the Path application from your phone or device. Follow your device instructions to remove the application.

Since we found no means of deleting your Path account, you may wish to contact the customer service department or support department for additional instructions on permanent deletion. If the account is always there to reactivate, your personal information, photos and the like are always there as well.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

Path collects personal information through the registration process. They also use cookies to collect information as you browse the Path application. These cookies are often stored on your device so you can log in more quickly and efficiently.

Some information collected by Path is shared with your friends, but only if you allow or request that information be shared.

Path publishes the complete privacy policy online at


Is There A Cancellation Fee?

We could not find mention of any cost associated with Path. When you cancel your account you are not actually deleting your information, so there is no cost. You can freely choose to reactivate the account at any time. Path reserves the right to change this at any time.

Can I Get Help From Path?

Path is a relatively new company and the support center is still tiny, but it is there. You can look through the FAQs and Q&A sections of the support site at

. If you have a question not listed, click the Send Us an Email link or visit


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