How To Cancel Oovoo

How to Delete An Oovoo Account

Oovoo is an online video chat social network that is all the rage with teenagers. You simply register for a free account and connect with friends, family or complete strangers for an Oovoo chat. You will be required to install the Oovoo chat program on your personal computer, so you’ll need to delete that program from your computer after you delete your Oovoo account. The instructions for deleting an Oovoo account are a bit time consuming.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

  • Start the deletion process by logging into your Oovoo account on your personal computer – not on the website.
  • Click on File the MyAccount.
  • Find the Edit My Card link and click.
  • Type the word INACTIVE in the name field of your Oovoo Card.
  • Find your email address on file and add (.oovoo) to the end of the email address.
  • Delete your photo from the account.
  • You will then need to go back to File – Setting to find the Privacy link.
  • Click on the Privacy link and set your privacy to NO ONE.
  • Finally, head back to File and click on Emails.
  • Remove email notifications.


Make sure to SAVE all changes you make to your Oovoo Card or none of the changes will work.

Now – remove Oovoo from your computer (not just the icon, but the entire program.)

After completing all of these steps, you’ll need to contact customer service to delete your account once and for all. Click on Submit Request at

and tell the support department that you’ve made all the changes and you’re ready for your account to be deleted.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The privacy policy for Oovoo is located at

. The company collects personal information like your name, address and telephone number only when you give that information. Credit card information is also collected when you sign up for a premium service like Oovoo Pro. If you have a Pro account, contact customer service before deleting your account as you may need to follow additional steps to stop any recurring payments.

Oovoo also claims to collect information from your Internet-enabled devices – with your permission. We are unsure how Oovoo gains permission, but we assume it has something to do with details offered during sign-up

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

We did not find a cancellation fee for Oovoo Free Services, but there could be a cancellation fee associated with the Pro services. If you cancel your Free Trial of Oovoo Pro before the date you are due to be charged in accordance with the terms and conditions of the trial, you should not be charged for premium Oovoo services.

Can I Get Help From Oovoo?

Oovoo offers support in the form of Support Tickets, but there is also technical support and help available at

. If you have any trouble deleting your account, you can submit a ticket with the technical department for additional help using the support link above.