How To Cancel Naukri

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How to Delete A Naukri Account

Naukri is a job search website in India. According to the website, it is the best or most popular job search website in the country. You must register for account access before you can upload a resume and search or apply for a job. Though we found tons of information on the Naukri website and how to use the site, there is not much information on how to delete your account if you find a job or you choose to search using a different method outside of Naukri.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

When it comes to deleting your Naukri account, you may be flying blindly. It appears that Naukri has been asked this same question more than once, but they have not answered the question online. You can remove your resume from job listings or disable the account. This should be done as soon as you know you want to delete the account. Here are a few steps you can take to delete your Naukri account.

Submit a Problem form at

. Use the email address associated with your resume account and add a link to your account in the Details of Concern box.

Contact the customer service department directly after finding the email address in your area on the Contact Us page –


Privacy Policy Fine Print

The privacy policy for Naukri is a general policy. This means the policy does not appear to be written expressly for the site, but as a general policy that covers the basics like cookies, logs and security. It is revealed that your credit card information is stored in a physical location. That means there is a paper print out of all the credit card information for people who have used the site.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There does not appear to be a cancellation fee charged by Naukri when your account is deleted, but you may lose the money you’ve paid to list a job or for other premium services.

Can I Get Help From Naukri?

There does not appear to be a clear answer to this question. There is no information on how to delete your Naukri account, but you can attempt to contact the support department for more information. Several websites claim Naukri is not the most supportive website in terms of sharing details on how to manage and delete your account.

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