How To Cancel Msn

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How to Delete An MSN Account

MSN or Microsoft Network is owned by Microsoft. There used to be various online services associated with MSN, but today it operates more like a front page or home page for people with Windows Live accounts. When you attempt to sign in to MSN, you are prompted to enter your Windows Live user name and password. So, in order to delete your MSN account you will have to delete your Windows Live account.

If you currently have paid services through MSN you will need to delete those paid services first before deleting your Windows Live ID.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step


and log in. Click the Cancel My Account button on the left side of the page. Choose the paid service you wish to cancel and follow the instructions.

If you have deleted all paid services from MSN and you want to delete your MSN account entirely, following the steps for deleting your Windows Live Account.

  • Enter your user name and password to log in to Windows Live.
  • Click Additional Options and then Close Account.
  • Follow the instructions after you enter your password again for verification purposes.

If you delete your Windows Live account and you still have paid MSN services associated with that account you will be responsible for those services and the bills associated with those services.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

Microsoft does a great job of sharing a privacy policy all readers can understand. The policy is available at

and it breaks down the policy into categories like Personal Information and Uses of Information. There are links to specific services and additional information about each of the subtopics.

Basically, Microsoft, like all other Internet companies, collects information about how you search and move around the Internet to personalize your Internet experience and evaluate how they can change their services to better meet the needs of the average Internet user. With that said, there is some personal information shared between the user and Microsoft like name, address, phone number and user IDs that Microsoft can use to contact customers. Location services are also used behind the scenes to personalize ads. Have you ever noticed ads on a page that seem awfully close to your location?

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee for free MSN services, but if you use a paid service, like dial-up Internet, you will need to contact MSN in regards to the cancellation fee associated with the service before you delete your MSN account.

Can I Get Help From MSN?

Help is available for cancelling premier MSN services at

. If you need help for an MSN account in general, visit the MSN support page at

and search for the question you need answered.

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