How To Cancel Lockerz

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How to Delete A Lockerz Account

Lockerz is a Pinterest-type website that allows users to share photos for PTZ or credits. If other people share your photos you earn more PTZ. Thos PTZs add up to save you money on select clothing and accessories at partner stores. Many of the stores allow the coupons you earn to be used with online purchases and some even take the discounts at local stores. The maximum discount is 60-percent off the retail price, so unless you are really interested in purchasing items from a partner store, there isn’t much in it for the user.

The photos and layout used on Lockerz is extremely similar to Pinterest – to a degree that is almost questionable. Either Lockerz pulled the exact website theme from Pinterest or the two websites are owned and operated by the same company.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

If you have a Lockerz account and you want to delete your Lockerz account, you can visit

. This link is only valid if you are logged in. If you are NOT logged in you will be asked to log in to your account.

You can also email support at

[email protected]


[email protected]

. Use the subject Delete My Account and send the email from the account associated with your Lockerz account.

If all else fails, simply remove all the photos you’ve uploaded to Lockerz and change all your personal information.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

When you sign up for a Lockerz account you give the company some of your private information like your name, email address and birth date. This information is used to create the account. Some information is stored using cookies so you don’t have to go through the sign up process over and over again and other information is collected using logs, but Lockerz claims none of the logged information is personal or identifiable.

Your activity on the site and your age may determine the types of ads displayed. This is because the target audience for the website is between 18 and 25 years old. The advertisers recognize, with the use of activity logs, what ads you click on and how many times you click. These activities are used to alter your website experience.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee when you delete your Lockerz account, but you may lose the PTZ you’ve earned with your photo shares. If you lose your PTZ you will lose the merchandise discount associated with those PTZ.

Can I Get Help From Lockerz?

The FAQs section on the Lockerz website offers information on how to start using the site, how to shop and details of the shipping and return policy. However, we found no information on how to delete your Lockerz account. You can submit a ticket regarding account deletion at

. You must then wait for the customer service department to answer your ticket.

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