How To Cancel Lastpass

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How to Delete A LastPass Account

LastPass is a password security program that allows users to secure all online passwords in one location so they never have to worry about losing a password again. The idea is to add each password to the LastPass program and icons at the top of your computer screen are used in place of entering the password each time you visit the site. There are positive reviews from websites like Mashable, Lifehacker and Forbes, which is quite the compliment, but not all users decide LastPass is right for them.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

You can delete your LastPass account two ways. The first requires knowledge of your Master Password. You can visit

to log in. After logging in, follow the deletion steps. These steps are not revealed to someone without a Master Password.

If you’ve forgotten your Master Password, simply click

and enter the email address associated with the account. Choose why you want to delete your LastPass account and send the delete email. For security purposes, you will likely be contacted by LastPass at that email address for verification of deletion.

Some users feel more comfortable removing all passwords added to LastPass before deleting the account. LastPass promises information is not stored on the company’s computers, but some users feel safer knowing they have deleted or changed (to an incorrect password) the passwords stored on the account.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

LastPass is all about security and privacy. The privacy policy is available at

. According to the company, your Master Password is encrypted and used locally on the website. There is no means of anyone stealing that information and employees do not have access to the Master Password. Personal information is not collected unless needed and it is never shared. No personal information is stored on LastPass servers.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

The service is available in free and paid varieties. The paid service is only $12 per year. There is no cancellation fee for either account type. You will not likely receive a refund for the remaining time left on your account if you cancel before the year is over.

Can I Get Help From LastPass?

Yes, you can review the questions and answers in the LastPass Help Center at

for more information. We could not find a customer service phone number, but one may be available to LastPass customers.

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