How To Cancel Icloud

How to Delete An iCloud Account

There are literally thousands of people out there who want to know how to delete an iCloud account. iCloud is a virtual storage, backup system that shares information, including music and photos, across devices. There is a simply process for deleting an iCloud account from your mobile device, but if you want to delete the account from the main iCloud website, the process is a little harder.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Deleting your iCloud account from a mobile device is simple. Navigate to the settings on your device and find iCloud. Touch the iCloud button and scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Delete Account.

There you have it – you’ve deleted the iCloud account from your device, but that doesn’t delete your account on You can still use the user name and password you selected when signing up for iCloud to log in on the iCloud website.

To answer the question of deleting your iCloud account from the main website and Apple once and for all – there is no good answer. Apple does not delete accounts, so to speak. You can choose not to log in to the account or create a new account complete with a new password and email address, but that won’t solve your problem of how to delete an iCloud.

As far as we can tell, Apple has not directly addressed the issue of deleting an iCloud account, but the issue has been addressed in several discussions on the Apple support page here


Privacy Policy Fine Print

iCloud privacy policy explains what Apple does to protect users from identity theft and theft of personal information. According to the policy written expressly for iCloud found here

, iCloud does not share location information unless requested by the user. Such information is only stored or 24 hours in an encrypted format and then purged. iCloud users have the ability to access a mobile device from anywhere in the world to lock or erase the device if it is lost or stolen, so anything shared on iCloud is safely stored on the cloud, but no longer accessible from the device.

Is There a Cancellation Fee?

There is no fee for iCloud and thus there is no fee to cancel or delete your iCloud account. If you have paid apps through iCloud, you will be responsible for any money or bills associated with those applications even if you stop using your iCloud account.

Can I Get Help From iCloud?

The support page for Apple has some detailed information on iCloud, but there is NO information on how to delete an iCloud account. We found the majority of our information from the discussions page listed above.