How To Cancel Google

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How to Delete a Google Account

Google is a master company that operates a search engine, free email service, free blogging platform and several paid services like Adwords and Google Checkout. Your Google account is linked to all Google services, so when you delete your Google account you are essentially deleting your entire online Google profile. You will no longer be able to access Blogger, Google +, Google Adsense and other Google properties. If you have any pending transactions associated with paid Google services you will have to pay for those services even after you delete your Google Account.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

When you’re ready to get rid of Google once and for all, you’ll need to start by logging in to your

Google Account



Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Close Your Entire Account link. If the link is not located under the Services tab, your account may have been created by other administrator. This typically occurs with business accounts. Contact the administrator for information on how to delete you Google account.

After clicking the link you’ll be asked two Yes or No questions to verify the deletion. Click Yes – that you truly want to delete your Google account and Yes – that you are responsible for all monetary charges associated with your account.


If you’ve deleted your account and you want to get it back – try resetting your password from the

Password Help

page here


Privacy Policy Fine Print

Google collects information freely given by users, aggregated from Google services, pulled from hardware sources accessing Google services, like computers and cell phones and information about your location. Google also collects information about how users use the Internet to personalize ads and other experiences. When your Google account is deleted, this information is still stored at Google, but unless you restore and log in to your account, not all will be directly associated with your use of Google services in the future.

However, some information, like the IP address of your personal computer, is associated with your access to Google services even after your account is deleted as this information is independent of your Google account.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee associated with cancelling your Google account.

Can I Get Help From Google?

After logging in to your Google account at

, click the HELP button at the bottom of the page. You can also read more about deleting your account at


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