How To Cancel Game Center

How To Delete A Game Center Account

Game Center is an Apple application that allows Apple device users to download and access all their games in one location on the device. The log in information for Game Center is associated with the Apple ID used to sign up for Game Center. There have been complaints about having multiple accounts on Game Center, but there is no information on the Apple support page about multiple accounts. Apple does reveal how to disable your account, but this is not the same as deleting the account. The question about how to delete a Game Center account has been asked for more than two years and Apple has never answered the question.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Disabling your account will remove you from the Game Center active play list. You will no longer have any friends, but the account will still be there.

  • Sign in to Game Center on the account you wish to disable.
  • Click on each of your friends and unfriend them one-by-one.
  • Click on Me, Account and View Account.
  • Delete the email address, profile and nickname on the account and SAVE.
  • Turn your profile OFF.
  • Remove the emails on your profile list.
  • Change the nickname on your account to something obscure like 0sijq34rt.
  • Log out of the Game Center application on all Apple devices.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The privacy policy for Game Center is the same privacy policy Apple users for all websites and programs. You can view the complete Apple privacy policy at

. Apple collects personal and non-personal information. The personal information is always collected with your permission. The non-personal information may be collected without your knowledge. The privacy policy and actions of Apple have been reviewed and validated by Truste.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

Game Center is not a cost-based program. If you delete your Game Center account you will not be charged a fee. If you paid for any of the games listed in your Game Center you will lose access to those games unless you choose to log back in and access those games again.

Can I Get Help From Game Center?

There is a support section on Game Center at

. The support information largely explains how to use Game Center, but near the bottom is the detailed instruction list of how to disable the account with pictures. You could also email the support team by using the online contact form at