How To Cancel Formspring

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How to Delete A Formspring Account

Formspring is a micro-social media network that focuses on one function only – questions and answers. Users ask and answer questions, gain friends and communicate socially. The network can be connected with your Facebook account so some Formspring account holders have no idea they have a physical account on the Formspring website. People can use photos and videos to answer questions and if you connect your Facebook or Twitter account with your Formspring account you can share the questions across all platforms, if desired.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Formspring does not allow you to delete your account. You can, however, disable your account. This will remove your profile from the site, but we’re unsure if this removes past questions from the website. If you’ve shared questions from Formspring on other social networks those will not be deleted even if you disable your account.

  • Log in to your account on

  • Go to your Account Settings.
  • Find the Disable Account link – click.
  • Follow the instructions.

You have now disabled your account, but you have not deleted your Formspring account. You can log in at any time and enable the account and start posting and answering questions again.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

The complete privacy policy for Formspring is available on

. When you sign up for your account, you submit private information like your name and birth date to Formspring. You also share public information via your user picture and comments made on the site. These are all public.

Formspring does log information about how you use the site, which pages you visit and the IP address of your computer. Cookies are downloaded to your computer and single pixel images are used to deliver what Formspring calls branded services to the user.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

Formspring is not a for pay site so there is no cancellation fee. Credit card, bank account or Paypal information should not be shared on the website at any time.

Can I Get Help From Formspring?

You can try to contact Formspring using the support page at

. There is a means of submitting a request on the page, but there is no direct contact information for the company. This is true of most social media websites. There are tens of millions of users so a phone number is simply not a good means of communication.

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