How To Cancel Dropbox

How to Delete A Dropbox Account

Dropbox is an online storage site that offers free, paid and business plans. The free plan allows users to store up to 18GB. The plan starts at just 2GB of storage capacity, but an additional 500MB are added for each referral the user brings to Dropbox. Paid programs start at 50GB and 100GB respectively, with additional storage capacity for referrals. The team or business paid program includes 1TB of storage.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

If your account with Dropbox is paid, you’ll need to cancel that service before you can delete your Dropbox account. To cancel a paid subscription, simply log in to your account and click the Upgrade button. You are downgrading, but the Upgrade button handles both upgrades and downgrades. Choose the plan connected with the account you want to delete and downgrade the service to FREE.

After downgrading your account, visit

. If you have a free account and you did not need to downgrade, simply click the link and sign in to your account to delete. Follow the instructions to finalize the account cancellation.

If there is a problem with your account, Dropbox suggests contacting the customer service department to report the problem before you delete your Dropbox account. You can contact the support department through the help page at


Privacy Policy Fine Print

Dropbox collects personal information you provide in addition to non-personal information like the IP address of your computer and information about how and when you use Dropbox. Your personal files, however, are completely safe and not accessed at any time by Dropbox. Cookies are downloaded to your personal computer to ease the log in process and site functions.

The privacy policy for Dropbox is available at


Is There A Cancellation Fee?

If you paid in advance for a one-year subscription to Dropbox you will not receive a refund for the money paid on the account. Any changes take place after the conclusion of the current term, according to Dropbox. However, there is no cancellation fee per se.

If you choose to downgrade from a larger plan to a smaller plan and you have too many files for the smaller plan none of the files will be deleted. However, you will not be able to add more files to your Dropbox account.

Can I Get Help From Dropbox?

Sure, contact Dropbox at

or visit the help section at

for more information on how to delete a Dropbox account.

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