How To Cancel Digg

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How to Delete A Digg Account

Digg is one of the older social media websites out there. Before Facebook and Twitter was even a blip on the social media map, Digg was the go-to website. Users would Digg a link and if the link was popular, others would Digg it as well. The best Diggs were featured on the front page of the website where massive amounts of traffic was pushed to the link. Digg is still up and running today, but the site looks and works quite a bit differently than it did in the beginning. Despite the downturn in popularity, Digg is still a place where people share links to increase traffic.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

When you’re ready to get rid of your Digg account, all you have to do is contact the customer service department of the Digg website. You can choose to do so by email or by filling out a contact form at

. You’ll need to be signed in to Digg to submit a contact form. The username and email address will auto fill. You will need to choose the reason for contact (Digg support and site help) and fill in the message box. Type the captcha and submit your form.

You can also choose to email customer support at

[email protected]

, but the contact form is much easier and it is directly associated with you so you can delete your Digg account more quickly.

After deleting your account your Diggs will stay on the website indefinitely. Digg claims the Terms of Use reveal this to users when they sign up for Digg. You can read the Terms of Use at


Privacy Policy Fine Print

Digg collects direct and indirect information. Direct information is provided by the user and may include information shared on your user profile and links you Digg. Indirect information is information that you do not share, but that may pertain to you, like how many Diggs your links receive and traffic data.

Digg uses cookies, a bit of code placed on your personal computer, to recognize who you are when you visit the website again. If you’ve ever visited a site and been instantly logged in – that is because there is an information cookie associated with that website stored on your computer.

Read the complete privacy policy at

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

No cancellation fee is charged to users who choose to delete a Digg account. The service is free and we found no premium programs or services associated with Digg at this time.

Can I Get Help From Digg?

You can email Digg support at

[email protected]

or visit the FAQs section at

for additional help. The FAQs question on how to delete your Digg account is brief and simply explains to contact the customer service department.

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