How To Cancel Deviantart

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How to Delete A Deviantart Account

Deviantart is a website created for artists to share their creations with others. Users can upload traditional art like paintings and drawings, as well as graphic art. The website is free to join. Artists can also choose to sell prints and other creations via Deviantart for a profit. We assume there is some fee associated with selling products and art through Deviantart; otherwise the company would not earn any money. The Deviantart company also operates adCast, deviantFILM and deviantWEAR. Your Deviantart account is associated with all other services available from the company.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

According to the help page, Deviantart allows users to delete the account at any time, but all uploaded photographs or deviations, as they are called, will be deleted immediately. You will lose all communication, feedback and access to the Deviant Shop.

Once logged in, you can delete your Deviantart account by visiting

. You will be told the details about what account deletion means and given the option go back and keep your account. Once you click the Yes, Deactivate My Account button, all your information will be permanently deleted.

If you choose to reactivate your account, you can do so within 30 days of deleting the account, but only after 48 hours of the cancellation. Simply go back to the website and use your user name and password to log in. If the 30 days pass, you will not be able to reactivate the account and the company will not be able to help you reactive the account at that time.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

Deviantart openly shares the fact that the company collects personal and non-personal information. The personal information can include name, address, phone number and credit card information if you are purchasing prints or other items from Deviantart. The non-personal information, like browsing patterns and computer IP address collected by the company may be associated with the personal information. You can read the details of the Deviantart privacy policy at


Is There a Cancellation Fee?

There is no cancellation fee for Deviantart. If you have artwork listed for sale, you will no longer be able to sell those pieces via Deviantart because all your deviations will be removed.

Can I Get Help From Deviantart?

For detailed help while using Deviantart, visit

. There you can also read more about deleting and changing your account.

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