How To Cancel Aol

How to Cancel Service

AOL or America Online, used to be a major player in Internet and email access, but the company is not quite as popular or successful as it once was. Many customers choose to cancel their AOL accounts after they’ve been dormant for several years. Cancelling a free service may seem easy, but you have to understand how to navigate the account to complete the cancellation quickly.

When you’re ready to cancel your AOL account, simply follow the steps below.

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

There is no early termination fee, but if you are currently subscribed to any premium services through AOL, you must cancel those services before cancelling your free account, according the help section of the AOL website. Visit the

My Subscriptions

link to cancel your premium subscriptions. There could be an early termination charge for one of the premium AOL services you have installed, so check the terms and conditions of the premium service before cancelling to ensure you are not charged an additional fee.

Early Cancellation Policy

We could not find an early cancellation policy for AOL, but there are multiple AOL services available, including Internet access via dial-up. There could be early termination fees associated with premium services through the AOL company.

In terms of the basic, free AOL services; you can cancel those at any time without an early termination or cancellation fee.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

If you want to contact customer service to see if you have any premium accounts before cancelling your free AOL account call


. You will be asked for various pieces of information so the automated system can try to pull up your account, just keep pressing 0. Once you reach the AOL representative, you may be asked for more information to try and locate your account.