How To Cancel Adwords

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How to Delete An Adwords Account

Google Adwords is an ad program offered by Google. You can sign up for the program and run ads on other websites for a fee. The ads bring in traffic to your site and, hopefully, increase your earnings beyond the cost of the ads. There are two types of Adwords accounts. The first allows users to pay for ads before they are run. When the money in the account runs out, the ads don’t run and there is no need to cancel. If you’ve paid in advance you can, however, delete your Adwords account and request a refund. The other type of account is post-paid, which means the user pays for the ads after they’ve run. In this case you can cancel your account, but you are responsible for the cost of all ads to that point.

Deleting My Account: Step By Step

Pre-paid accounts – Sign in to your Adwords account at

. Click MyAccount and Preferences. Click on Request Refund in Account Cancellations. You must fill out the form that appears and click Submit. Your account is now deleted and you’ll receive a refund for any money in the account at the time of cancellation.

Post-paid accounts – Visit your Adwords account at

and sign in. Pay the remaining balance on your account. Navigate to MyAccount and Preferences and click the Cancel This Account link. A pop-up will appear. At the bottom of the pop-up, click Cancel My Account.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

Google is the king of privacy policies. The company uses cookies and log information to track your actions on the Internet. All of that information is displayed on your Google Accounts page. From that page you can view your information and adjust how Google collects and stores some of your personal data.

In terms of privacy, Adwords policies, including the Google Privacy Policy to which Adwords adheres, are available at

. This site also explains how users should treat websites visitors in terms of privacy.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

No cancellation fee is charged when you cancel your Adwords account, but there is a fee to be paid if you have a post-paid account. That fee is the sum of all monies charged to your account before the closure. You will not be allowed to delete your Adwords account until you pay your balance in full.

Can I Get Help From Adwords?

The best help Google can provide is available in the Adwords Help section at

. This answer provides all the information needed to delete your Adwords account, including links to find out if you are due a refund and more.

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