How To Delete 4Shared Account

How to Delete a 4Shared Account

4Shared is an online file storage and file sharing system. When you create an account, a virtual drive on their high speed servers is created for you to store your files. You have the option to leave the account private, meaning only you can see and access the files on the drive, or share the whole drive, or share individual files and folders with others. There is no clear cut way to delete the account, but this guide will help you remove the information from the account, so you can wait for it to automatically delete without worry.

Deleting My Account: Step by Step

There is no way to actually delete your 4Shared account. According to the terms of service, any free account that is not logged into for 180 days will automatically be deleted from the servers. To handle this, we suggest you login into the account a final time to remove any files you do not want on the drive, and remove any sharing abilities you may have set up. Then, log out and leave the account alone for six months. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact 4Shared via email using this address: [email protected]. If you have a premium account, you should have the option to downgrade it from the account dashboard. Do this first, so your account goes back to free status, then remove your files and leave the account inactive.

Privacy Policy Fine Print

4Shared collects personally identifiable information provided during the sign up process. It also collects non-identifiable information, such as your IP address and other technical details from this usage. The information is used to contact you with marketing messages, and to help improve the service. This information is shared with third parties who help carry out services, legal authorities when necessary, and to enforce the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the site. You have the ability to opt out of all marketing communications. To see the privacy policy in its entirety, visit this link:

Is there a cancellation fee?

4Shared does offer premium accounts. If you cancel a premium account, you will not be charged again, but you will not receive a refund for any fees paid to cover the month in which you cancelled. If you have difficulties downgrading your account to a free one, contact support.

Can I get help from 4Shared?

Yes, you can get help from 4Shared. Visit this page:

to see a list of the email addresses available for you to direct your issue to. Live support is available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM GMT.