How To Cancel Xbox Live

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How to Cancel Service

Xbox Live is a free or paid service provided by the Microsoft Corporation in connection with the Xbox video game system. Customers with an Xbox can choose to maintain a free account or upgrade to an Xbox Live paid account to unlock additional features. You can cancel your subscription to the Xbox Live service at any time and restart the service just as easily from your Xbox Live account.

To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account and change the

Auto Renew



. You can use the Xbox Live services until your subscription runs out. The service is billed on a yearly basis. Cancelling the auto renew does not end your Xbox Live paid membership immediately. You can continue to use the Xbox Live membership until your renewal date passes.

Xbox Live customer service can also cancel your Xbox Live Gold account immediately, but only if you talk with a customer service representative. There is no phone number for customer service listed on the Xbox website, but you can request a call back from a customer service agent from your

My Account


You shouldn’t have to keep a service you don’t want. Read how to cancel your

Xbox Live

service at:

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

Nope, Xbox Live will not charge you an early termination fee because you’ve not entered into a contract, per se, with the company. They get 100-percent of their money in advance, so they’re paid even if you choose to cancel the day after you purchase the subscription. However, if you do not unclick the

Auto Renew

button, you will be charged for another year when your current subscription expires.

Early Cancellation Policy

There is no official early cancellation policy aside from the terms and conditions Xbox Live requires all users to read and agree to when purchasing a Gold membership. If a customer violates the terms and conditions as outlined when payment is made, Xbox reserves the right to cancel a Gold membership at any time. The customer will be in violation and no refund will be issued.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

If you’ve been charged a renewal fee and you did not want to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership, request a call back from customer service as soon as you notice the charge. There may be a grace period when Xbox is willing to refund the service fee, especially if you’ve not logged into Xbox Live after the renewal date.

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