How To Cancel Windstream

How to Cancel Service

Windstream is a cable, Internet and phone company. The company offers various packages and bundles with prices that start out lower than the normal price and rise after the preliminary period ends. When the price hike happens, some customers attempt to cancel the bundle only to find out they’ve entered into a contract for service that lasts one to two years. Windstream does charge an early cancellation fee if the customer ends service before the contract period ends for both high-speed Internet and Dish network services.

Customers who want to cancel their service contract with Windstream can call


for residential service and


for business service. Tell the customer service representative you wish to cancel one or more services. The representative will either transfer the call to the billing or retention department, or process the cancellation. You may be required to pay the early termination fee on the spot for the cancellation to be effective.

Alternatively, customers can visit a local Windstream office to cancel service.

If you want to learn more about how to cancel


service visit:

Is There an Early Termination Fee?

There is an early termination fee associated with high-speed Internet and Dish network contracts. High-speed Internet contracts are typically six months in length. If the customer cancels before the end of the six months, they will be charged $50 per month left on the contract.

The Dish Network contract is a bit longer at 24 months. If you cancel your Windstream Dish Network contract before the two-year commitment is complete, you will be charged no less than $17.50 per month left on the contract.

Windstream operates in many different services areas and even under different local company names. We found a document for Chapel Communications that describes an early termination fee of $250 if phone services are cancelled before the end of the contract date. There is a good chance early termination fees differ from one location and contract to the next.

Early Cancellation Policy

We did not find an early termination policy in regards to Windstream accounts and contracts. We assume the company will work with customers who move out of the service area, but Windstream may not be the customer’s biggest challenge. Dish Network may handle customer service and contract details even though the package was purchased through Windstream. If that is the case, customers will need to meet Dish Network cancellation requirements, not Windstream’s requirements.

You are responsible

for contacting Windstream at least 30 days in advance of a contract renewal to cancel the contract, according to the Terms and Conditions.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

Give customer service a call if you find you want to cancel your account with Windstream. The longest contract period we found mentioned online was a 6-month contract, though some newer service contracts may be longer. Dish Network contracts are for a minimum of two years and are held and controlled by Dish Network, not Windstream.