How To Cancel Planet Fitness

How to Cancel Service

Planet Fitness is a membership-based gym with locations all over the United States. There are two current membership levels – PF Black Card and Month-to-Month. The PF Black Card is slightly more expensive than the Month-to-Month contract, but gym members receive multiple free benefits after joining. The PF Black Card membership also requires the member join for a minimum of 12 months. The rate is guaranteed for that time, but the customer is charged an Annual Rate Guarantee Fee for both the annual and month-to-month membership. More information on how to join

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Cancelling your Planet Fitness membership appears to be a bit of a mystery. Planet Fitness clearly states how a person can join the gym, but they fail to tell the customer how to cancel the membership. According to previous members, cancelling requires going to your home gym and requesting a cancellation. The clerk should process the request and give you a verification letter that the account has been cancelled. You will pay one additional monthly fee after cancelling.

The second option involves sending a certified letter to the home gym. The letter is traceable so the gym cannot say they did not receive the letter. The membership will be cancelled, but you will pay one additional month.

Is There an Early Termination Fee?

Some would say the extra month is the early termination fee, but since Planet Fitness does not publish a detailed cancellation policy we are unsure if there are other fees the company can charge if you cancel your membership early.

Early Termination Policy

We could not find an early termination policy, but we did find out from a former gym member that you must move at least 25 miles away from any Planet Fitness gym or you must be deemed disabled by a doctor. A CERTIFIED letter must be sent to your home gym explaining the reason for cancelling and verification of the new address or the disability.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

It does NOT appear that Planet Fitness will work with you to cancel your membership. There are pages upon pages of complaints from consumers being charged up to $1,000 for memberships they thought were cancelled up to four years ago. It is best to look at your Planet Fitness contract and read the fine print regarding cancellation. Have a letter drafted by a lawyer if possible and have that letter sent CERTIFIED to Planet Fitness with all required documentation. Never attempt to cancel over the phone or by email – your membership will not be cancelled.