How To Cancel Norton

How to Cancel Service

Customers who purchase Norton products often have little idea they have been placed on an auto-renewal plan for their Norton subscription. Norton claims customers are charged for renewals automatically to continue protecting their computer with any lapse in coverage, but when renewals occur only once per year, customers may forget the service is even working in the background. Norton does not tell customers directly that credit card information used for an online purchase will be used to renew the service in the future without the need for further consent.

To cancel your Norton subscription call


. Tell the representative that you wish to cancel your subscription and to remove your credit card information from the file. You will need to verify personal information used when you ordered to cancel your Norton subscription, including the last four numbers of the credit card used for the purchase.

Norton also offers an online form customers can use to cancel a Norton subscription. The online form is located at


Find out what


has to say about cancelling service at:

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

No, there is no early termination fee associated with a Norton subscription, but the customer service department is not responsible for refunding any fees charged as part of the auto-renew process as Norton claims the information about auto-renewal is revealed during the order process and it is mentioned in the order verification email.

You can choose to cancel your Norton subscription the day after your purchase the product and the auto-renew price will not be charged in the future and you’ll maintain coverage during the paid period.

Early Cancellation Policy

There is no early cancellation policy, but there is a way to request a refund if you’ve been charged via the auto-renewal system and you did not wish to be charged. Contact the customer service department within 60 days of the auto-renew charge and you will be refunded.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

As long as you call within 60 days of an auto-renew charge being debited from your account you can request a refund. Otherwise, your Norton subscription will remain in place until the following year. You can cancel the service immediately to prevent further charges with the help of customer service, but you will not have any luck requesting a refund after the 60 day grace period. The customer service phone number is