How To Cancel Golds Gym

How to Cancel Service

Gold’s Gym is a membership-based gym with locations throughout the United States. There is evidently a huge uproar within the company about cancellation procedures because the full

Gold’s Gym cancellation policy

is listed online at

. This information is also part of the membership contract issued by Gold’s Gym the day you sign your contractual obligation. You must follow the exact instructions listed in this document to cancel your membership to Gold’s Gym.

When you are ready to cancel there are three steps you must complete. If any of these steps is missed, you will have to restart the entire cancellation process all over again the following month.

Step 1:

Go to the Gold’s Gym where you signed up for the membership and ask for a cancellation form. Fill out the form and hand it to a Gold’s Gym employee. You may also wish to send a certified letter of your desired cancellation to the gym.

Step 2:

Pay the requested 30-day fee. There is a 30-day notice required when cancelling your Gold’s Gym membership. During this time, you may be charged one last month’s dues. There is mention of a 30-day notice payment, but we are unsure if that payment means the final month’s dues or an additional payment on top of the final month’s dues.

Step 3:

Pay your improvement fee. Gold’s Gym charges customers a club improvement fee. There is no mention of when this fee is charged or how much the fee is, but if the customer is scheduled to pay the fee within the 30 days following the cancellation request, they are responsible for paying the fee.

Is There an Early Termination Fee?

Yes, there is an early termination fee called a 30-day notice payment. We assume this fee is equal to one month’s membership dues, but we are not certain as the exact amount of the fee is not mentioned.

Even if you qualify for early cancellation due to disability or medical reasons, you are still required to pay the early termination fee – no matter what. If the membership holder dies, the early termination fee is NOT waived.

Early Termination Policy

You can cancel your membership to Gold’s Gym early if you move to a location where no Gold’s Gym is within 30 miles of your home, if you are fully disabled as defined by a doctor or if you die. No other cancellations are accepted. If you stop payment on your membership dues, you will be charged NSF fees and Gold’s Gym may file your membership with a debt collection agency.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

We’ve not read good things about Gold’s Gym membership cancellation. The company is known for charging extra months and refusing cancellations all together.