How To Cancel Eharmony

How to Cancel Service

eHarmony is an online dating site that allows users to fill out a questionnaire and receive matches before paying for the full service. Services are available on a three-month plan, six-month plan and 12-month plan. The longer the plan the less you will pay per month, but all plans are billed as one payment, so you’ll pay for all 12 months in advance and if you find someone in one month, you will not be refunded for the difference.

Cancel your eHarmony subscription by logging into your eHarmony account and clicking on the

My Settings

button. Click on

Account Settings

and then on

Cancel Subscription

. Follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

You can also cancel your account by calling customer service or mailing a letter to the cancellation department. You can call customer service at


or mail your cancellation letter to: Attn: Cancellations PO Box 60157 Pasadena, CA 91116

eHarmony may charge on an auto-renew plan, so make sure to cancel your subscription before the due date.

For more details on how to cancel


service, visit:

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

There does not appear to be an early termination fee, but you will not receive a refund for the subscription you’ve paid for if you cancel before the end date. Once your subscription is cancelled, all matches are deleted, your profile is deleted and all communications between you and other eHarmony members will be deleted – according to the fine print in the eHarmony terms and conditions, but that’s not what customers say about the service.

According to customers, there is no early termination fee but there is an auto-renew program that cannot be turned off. Many customers complain of being charged for many months after cancelling the subscription. Some users suggest cancelling the subscription and then deleting the account all together to prevent additional charges.

Early Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your account at any time, but you will not receive a refund for the total amount paid in advance. When your service period ends you will no longer be able to use your eHarmony account.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

There are many complaints about the customer service department at eHarmony. Customers complain of incorrect charges, unauthorized charges and unauthorized changes to their account. You can attempt to contact customer service at the number listed above to request a refund if incorrectly charged, but you may not have the luck you’re hoping for.