How To Cancel Cox

How to Cancel Service

Cox Communications is a major cable company in the United States. They offer customers Internet, phone and television services, which are often packaged as bundles. The bundles come with lower prices than the individual services cost the customer and often those lower prices are locked in for one to two years if the customer signs a contract to maintain service for that length of time. You may notice that signing up for new service is much easier than cancelling your service.

Cancelling your Cox Communication services requires a call to the customer service department. There are service departments all over the United States, so you’ll need to look at your bill or visit the Cox website to find the phone number for your local office. Once you’ve contacted customer service, they’ll likely try to convince you to keep your service and may offer a reduced price or some special deal to stay on with the company. If you are under contract for a special promotional deal, you may be faced with an early termination fee.

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Is There An Early Termination Fee?

There are early termination fees charged by Cox Communications, but the amount of those fees is difficult to ascertain. We found a document for Fairfax, VA Cox Communications that mentioned an early termination fee that was reduced for each month the customer kept the service before cancelling, but no dollar amount is listed.

We found another document that stated Cox Communications charges the total amount that would be due if the customer maintained the plan for the duration of the contract. For instance, if the customer signs a two year contract for a service that costs $20 a month and cancels with 10 months left on the contract, the early termination fee would be $200.

Early Cancellation Policy

Some services offered by Cox Communciations are month-to-month services, which mean the customer is not responsible for an early termination fee. Other services are provided with a contract, and usually a lower price, for one to two years. If these services are cancelled before the contract has expired, the customer will pay some sort of early termination fee.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

We visited several customer service forums and learned quickly that customers are not happy with Cox Communications. One business customer claimed they were charged a $3,000 early termination fee when they moved a business to a location that was not covered by Cox Communication services.

We’re not sure customers will find the service they are looking for or manage to get out of that early termination fee by talking to a customer service representative.