How To Cancel Brighthouse

How to Cancel Service

Brighthouse is a cable, Internet and telephone company that offers individual, residential, business and bundled services. Typically when a cable company offers bundled services there is a contract associated with the plan. The customer agrees to keep the services for a minimum of one to two years and the company agrees to give them a lower rate for service during a portion of that time. Selling the package is the bright light in the customer service experience, but when a customer wants to cancel service during the contract period, customer service is not so supportive any more.

To cancel your Brighthouse service you must contact the customer service department. There are local phone numbers for Brighthouse customer service, so you’ll have to look on your bill to visit the Brighthouse website and enter your zip code to locate the customer service phone number in your area.

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Is There An Early Termination Fee?

According to the fine print in the Brighthouse customer agreement, if a customer signs up for services that describe a time commitment, the customer must maintain service for that set time or pay an early termination fee.

We searched for a list of early termination fees associated with Brighthouse services, but none were listed on the website. We did find a list of early termination fees for business services. We assume the fees are likely to be the same or nearly the same.

  • $150 for early termination of phone service or Internet service.
  • $250 for early termination of phone service and Internet service.

Residential customers may have to pay different early termination fees. According to the terms and conditions, all early termination fees are listed in the fine print with the promotional offering. That means each promotion may list a different set of early termination guidelines.

Early Cancellation Policy

The early termination policy for Brighthouse is simple. If you cancel your services during the time period you agreed to keep the services, you will be responsible for an early termination fee. However, because this fee is associated with promotions and not regular services, they are not listed in the terms and conditions as a monetary amount.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

We found no information about early termination fees associated with Brighthouse on complaint boards or in forums. When we searched the Brighthouse website for a promotion with early termination fees, there was none. The customer service department may help customers by waiving the early termination fees if the customer moves out of the Brighthouse service area during the promotional period.