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How to Cancel Service

Bresnan Communications is a cable company that offers common cable company services like telephone and Internet. Bresnan offers various packages including a Triple Play package with Internet, home phone and television. These packages are available at an introductory price for one-year with the regular price being charged starting the 13th month. We did not see any mention of an early termination fee in the package description.

Bresnan Communications is now Optimum, so any early termination fees will be listed on the Optimum website. According to the Optimum website, subscribers are responsible for paying for a prorated month of service during the month they cancel service and they must return the leased equipment within 10 days or pay a fee for the equipment or the late return. Again, there is no mention of an early termination fee.

After reading through the moving and disconnect policies, we could not find one mention of an early termination fee. It appears that neither Bresnan nor Optimum charge customers an early termination fee even if they choose to cancel service in the middle of a special offer package price plan.

The official website offers additional information on how to cancel



Is There An Early Termination Fee?

We could not find a dedicated page for early termination or cancellation of service on either the Bresnan or Optimum websites. What we did find was mention of an equipment fee that is charged if customers do not return leased equipment on-time. This fee may differ based on location. Equipment must be returned within 10 days of service cancellation to prevent the fee from being charged.

Early Cancellation Policy

There does not appear to be an early cancellation policy with Bresnan or Optimum. Customers must contact the customer service department in their local area to cancel services and schedule reinstallation, is applicable, but that is the only policy listed on either website.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

Bresnan is one of those companies that just doesn’t mention early termination, early cancellation or any fee schedule whatsoever that pertains to cancelling service. We look forward to hearing from Bresnan and Optimum customers about how the customer service department handled their cancellation and any fees associated with that cancellation. There are not even any customer complaints about fees like there are with other companies.

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