How To Cancel Boost

How to Cancel Service

Boost Mobile is a no-contract cell phone company that provides cell phones, cell phone plans, mobile Internet and data plans for customers who are tired of having to deal with a long-term mobile contract. Boost is available in many metropolitan and surrounding areas, but smaller towns are not typically covered by the Boost Mobile coverage map.

Cancelling your Boost Mobile contract is simple – don’t pay your bill. But, what happens if you want to take your number with you to another cell phone company. You may have to pay a pseudo early termination fee to Boost Mobile while you are waiting for your cell phone number to be ported to another company.

If you wish to contact Boost Mobile about cell phone porting or cancelling your account, call customer service at


. There have been multiple complaints about the Boost Customer service department, so you may have to be patient when making the call.

Information on service cancellation with

Boost Mobile

is located at:

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

Boost Mobile does not charge an early termination fee, but if you want to port your cell phone number to a new company you may have to

pay two cell phone bills

until the port is complete. That could end up costing as much as a small early termination fee. You should definitely contact customer service

before canceling your Boost Mobile service

to find out if you need to maintain your account until the port is complete.

Early Termination Policy

According to the Boost Mobile website, all accounts are pre-paid. This means you pay for your account in advance and you don’t have to pay an early termination fee because there are no contracts with Boost Mobile. If you have your account on auto-reBoost, you’ll need to contact customer service to cancel the automatic payment.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

There are no cancel fees associated with cancelling Boost Mobile service, but there is a fee if you choose to reactivate service. The reactivation fee is $10. If your account sits idle at $0 balance for 60 days, the account automatically cancels at no charge. If there is no use on the account for 90 days, the account automatically cancels at no charge.