How To Cancel At T

How to Cancel Service

AT&T is one of the top three cell phone companies in the United States. The service provided by the company includes cell phone coverage and mobile Internet devices. If you walk into an AT&T store or visit the official AT&T website you can apply for cell phone service. Once your application is accepted, you get to shop for a shiny new phone and a calling plan to meet your needs. Take heed, however, because that calling plan may just be associated with a one to two year contract, which is how they can offer cell phones and other devices for a penny or less.

Cancelling your contract is simple. Call AT&T at


from a landline phone or


from your cell phone. Tell the customer service representative you wish to cancel your cell phone contract and pay the early termination fee. You can also choose to drive to an AT&T store and cancel your service in person.

Don’t want to pay the early termination fee? AT&T puts these fees in your contract so you have to stay with them for a minimum length of time. Getting out of a contract is not as easy as some customers would like. Learn more about early termination fees and how to cancel


service at:

Is There An Early Termination Fee?

Why yes, AT&T does charge customers can early termination fee if they want to cancel a contract before the end date. The early termination fee applies to

each cell phone line

. So, if you have three lines you will need to pay three early termination fees.

Have a smartphone or other fancy device? You will pay a higher early termination fee for that contract. According to the AT&T Early Termination Fees page, you will pay $325 less $10 per month of service or $150 less $4 per month of service, for your early termination fee. The larger fee applies to


devices like netbooks, smartphones and Garmin devices.

Early Termination Cancellation Policy

AT&T’s early termination policy states that customers have three days to return the phone or other device to receive a refund of the activation fee. The trial period is 30 days – so customers can cancel within 30 days without paying an early termination fee. If you’ve used the phone to make calls, access the Internet and text, you may have to pay for the services you’ve used during the 30 day trial period.

After that initial 30 days, your contract is in full effect and you will be responsible for the early termination fee.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

AT&T is not known for working with anyone once the 30-day trial period has expired. There are certain circumstances, like moving to an area that does not have AT&T coverage, that may qualify your line for cancellation, but expect to be asked for some form of verification of the move. AT&T customers report having no luck trying to convince AT&T to let them out of a contract early without a fee.